Friday, March 19, 2010


When I first entertained the idea of starting a blog, I polled all of my(and there are many) incredible, smart, beautiful, funny, snarky, creative, loyal friends to give me some suggestions. When I finally created My Snarky only seemed right because I am the definition of "Snark". However the other day some LOVELY registered me to a few porn websites....and my user name is "FAT WICKED BITCH" freaking clever is that?!?!?!?! I have to tell you, when I opened the first email from and saw my user name and password....I LAUGHED SO HARD AND SO LOUD, I am shocked that my work neighbor didn't come in to check on me....I then said out loud "Well played.....well played!" So now I am thinking that maybe I need to change the name of my Blog to FATWICKEDBITCH(even though the Lovely that signed me up for this porn site misspelled Bitch-bictch?)

I have copyrighted FATWICKEDBITCH...can't you just see it on a Vintage T(plus size of course), bumper stickers, coffee mugs, beach towels(scratch that, beach know for the FAT GIRL.....bath products(but only in large VALUE sizes.. for the BIG GIRLS)......Power to all the FWB's in the world.

I raise my BIG BUBBA CUP up to Lovely...I wish her success in all she does.....I think she should write a How To Book...on seeking revenge against the people that have pissed you off....because registering people I don't like to Porn Sites has never even occurred to this FATWICKEDBITCH....

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  1. Well played indeed! I congratulate her creativity and will steal this move in future plots. I am 100% behind FATWICKEDBITCH. If I were a trucker with a CB and in need of a handle - that would be it. This could be a turning point for all fat bitches everywhere! Power to the BIG people!