Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh...the pressure was too much!

Well...I drank the kool aid....I am swimming in the murky water that is FACEBOOK.  I caved to the peer pressure from all the cool kids....I am not quite sure I understand what all the hype is about, yet.  My very smart, super savvy Sister created my FACEBOOK page and made sure I was super secure and almost invisible...unless I deem you a suitable "friend".  So, is it a good thing for me to have this much power?  Probably not...but I do so muhaahhhaaaaaa!  But then there is the rejection factor...what if I send someone a friend request and they don't except for example: I have sent my once favorite aunt VKB a friend 6 times...and still she has not accepted my request.  WTF?  Someone with such a large ego heart like myself finds this sort of rejection very displeasing...just sayin' ya'll!

1 comment:

  1. Haha you are too funny! Oh well- you held out pretty long :) I'm pretty jealous you guys got to divorce sprint...