Saturday, July 31, 2010

Makes Me Happy

I heart music and every now and then I find a song that I just can't get enough know the kind of song that you can just put on repeat and play over and over again? I get my love for truly meaningful music from my Dad. When I was little I can remember listening to Cat Stevens, Van Morrison, Steve Nicks; over and over. He has always listened with his soul, not just to the beat of the music! I downloaded all of my/his music to his external hard drive and created him an ITUNEs account and gave him an IPOD. Saturday mornings is our time to talk...uninterrupted by the madness that is my life. He will call and usually the conversation will start with...."I was listening to music and I thought of you." My song for my Dad is Brown Eyed Girl or anything David Gray. Here's to my Dad....I love his Guts!

My mad crush is Matt White Band.....I can't stop listening to this one particular song. Music is not just background noise for me....I have to listen to music that makes my heart tighten up, gives me goose bumps, makes me cry, makes me smile. Right now I am all about happy tunes...

And then there is the Beautiful Ingrid Michaelson

And I've saved the best for heart beats a little faster and my head bobs when I hear Corey Smith....Corey is my true music love. Oldest wrote a paper a few years ago about someone famous she would like to meet...she wrote it on Corey Smith. I emailed that paper to Corey and he gave us 4 tickets to a show at the House of Blues in Houston. Oldest, Youngest, my sister and I went backstage and met him.....He was everything I thought he would be. Humble, Shy, Sweet and Funny.

Life is good....when mixed with music!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sha Sha's of Creole

Spending time with my Family down at Pecan Island has rekindled my love for everything South Louisiana. I'm a Texas girl at heart, ya'll....but the one thing Louisiana and I share is a love for food and family.

Sha Sha's of Creole opened in Downtown Lake is seriously the most AHHHDORABLE place. The waitstaff wear white rubber boots and most of the girls have decorated theirs...(we call those Cameron Reebok's). Sha Sha's has a simple, down home, tried and true menu....from hamburgers, fried catfish, fried pickles(my all time favorite), shrimp po-boys, seared tuna. The desserts!!!!! OHHHHHH MY GAWD, Ya'll! On Friday and Saturday evenings they have bands come and play some chanky chank music. Sha Sha's has this beautiful bar and this super long table that looks just like a fishing pier. The table's in the bar are from the old Sha Sha's in Creole that they salvaged after Hurricane Rita and brought to the new Sha Sha's.
Honestly Ya'll this is one of those places that warms your heart the second you step in the door. If you are ever in Lake betta stop at Sha Sha's and eat some Fried Bread is HELLAGOOD.

***Sha Sha's of Creole located @ 609 Ryan St * Lake Charles, La.*494-7227***

And no....I was not paid for this! You JackAss!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Booth (comma to da top)s

On one of my outings with my Cuzan's we stopped at Booth(comma to da top)s.....and if you haven't watched Cajun absolutely must is "FU-FUNNY"!

Do I have Vodka in my Teeth?

I spent a weekend of drunken debauchery...I mean, spiritual bonding with my Aunts and Cuzans (cousins…..for all you Yankees) on a girls retreat to Teal Prairie Lodge in Pecan Island, Louisiana…yeah, you might want to Google that!

My Madre, Aunts, and Cuzans have been doing these for the past twelve years….This was my first. With the passing of my Grandmother in February, I am realizing just how short our time here is….my grandmother was one of seven and her sister is the last of the great ones. My great aunt is 89yrs old, she is still playing cards, laughing, and will still do a shot of Patron….she is a true BAD ASS . What I want to do is kick my own ass for missing out on all the memories from the past twelve years…..I only have my kids and husband to blame....I mean, myself to blame.

My Aunt and Uncle allowed us to use their Duck Lodge……it’s just beautiful and so serene. There were a total of 20 women or as Danielle from Real Housewives of New Jersey said last night when she got her weave pulled out…..there were 20 woman at the Lodge. These girls are “Fu-Funny”, kind, loving, beautiful, vivacious, sharing, gifted, drunk bitches! I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. One of my Cuzan has this little book that she writes all the funny one liners that are said….this was such a great idea…I am totally stealing it! Thanks, Cuzan!!

We went on a field trip in the Duc Bus to the Coastal Bar, a SINGLE WIDE TRAILER...I mean a very exclusive bar..... We laughed, drank, sang, and played pool….we truly stimulated the economy of Pecan Island…your welcome Mr. President!

Here are just a few things that were said….. when I think of them, I just start laughing!

“Money…it’s made round to roll and flat to stack”

“Don’t burn that dress….I want to wear it tomorrow”

“Fried eggs and Vodka…what’s not to love?”

“I put my clear lax in my Mimosa”

“Do I have Vodka on my teeth?”

“Well….you just bummed the shit out of me!”

“If you put your hands in the air…the ride is more fun”

“Fu-Funny” – for f*cking funny-so clever

And the best was

“The saddest part about the party….is the parting”

Friday, July 2, 2010

She's leaving on a Jet Plane...... Madre's Man(Mr. Blue Eyes) is a Private Pilot for a very wealthy family in Houston and they will be in New York for the 4th of July. My Madre called me last week to see if she could take Oldest to New York to meet Mr. Blue Eyes for the weekend. Our cousin just graduated from LSU and moved to The City a month ago(sharing a 2 bedroom apartment with 5 other girls) and Oldest has really been wanting to go see as I type, Oldest is sitting in the Airport right now on her way to NYC.
****I think calling Mr. Blue Eyes my Madre's boyfriend is just weird, because he is far from being a boy and they are so much for than friends...for whatever reason it just makes me feel icky calling him her from here on out he will be know as Madre's Mr. Blue Eyes**********

While Oldest will be LIVIN' LA VIDA LOCA! Youngest will be spending the 4th of July weekend getting showered with Love from her Aunt....all she wants to do is go to Build-A-Bear and get a Parrot....She wants a REAL parrot, but says she will settle for a stuffed one!