Friday, February 26, 2010

My brilliant friend "J's" thoughts on Hollywood and other news stories

My friend "J" is one of the most clever, witty, snarky, beautiful women I have ever met....this morning while drinking my coffee....before I woke up Oldest and Youngest for school...she emailed the following. I wanted to share with you.

Here are some things I read about this morning. These SHOULD be headline news, but since it's not "sensational" you probably won't hear much about it. The autopsies are back on Brittney Murphy and Casey Johnson. Turns out they're not little junkies like Dr. Drew was so quick to assume. I don't trust him. His patients never REALLY recover. Britt died because she had anemia from female problems and excessive bleeding. She had a dr. appt. scheduled but DIED first! She also had pnuemonia and the only meds in her system were those prescribed by her dr. for THAT condition. Michael Jackson has given all dead celebrities a bad name! Also, Casey Johnson died from diabetes, which she has suffered from since childhood. Tila Tequila had nothing to do with it Nikki Hilton! So quit blaming! Casey had NO, i repeat NO drugs in her system. Ha!

In other news, two shootings in Jennings. The teen had been robbing houses in Lafayette. The OTHER guy however, hmmmm, thinking he may be related to Jeff Davis killings. Maybe he knew something. Found shot dead in his car. I'll ask Deana.

Also, Boner comitted suicide. Depression sucks. Mike was lucky to have you for a friend!

Lastly, have you noticed all the crimes comitted by OLD people? 60's, 70's? I thought since I'm a grown-up now, all that morally questionable stuff was behind me. WHAT IF i just haven't peaked yet? Did these people just get bored by regular life and say "what the hell?, Why not?" What will happen when our families are grown and we are once again left to our own devices? Will we backslide? All i can say is that we better have grandkids to keep us busy! And a passport.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snotty Mess

As if loosing my Grandmother wasn't enough....we get hit with the stomach bug, sinus infections and a nasty head cold that I am quite sure will turn into Strep/Ear Infection....My house sounds much like Darth Vader has moved in....between Youngest, Oldest and myself. We, alone have saved Kleenex from going out of business. Oldest has been snotty since before Christmas and has been on antibiotics twice..sinus infection.....still snotty. Youngest went to the Doctor week before last because she was running a lil fever and a hot snotty mess......UGGHHHH and on top of all the snot....youngest threw her lil guts up Thursday night and never moved from her chair Friday...except to attempt to throw her guts up some was very sad. I started feeling bad Sunday night....and now I have a full blown Head O Snot!

So McHusband brings the girls to the Doctor yesterday and Oldest has....wait for it.....another sinus infection. McHusband asked Dr. Cocky if he could refer the girls to an ENT because this snot and constant congestion and nose bleeing has been going on forever...and we have done the Clariton/Zrtec thing and nothing seems to clear it up....Dr. Cocky then precedes to tell McHusband that it is the crud(Medical term?) and everyone has it.....but seriously I have a head cold and the "crud" but my girls have sounded like DARTH VADER for THREE months.......I am so aggrevated with Dr. Cocky......with Youngest's issues that we had with the Bacterial Infection in her blood...... that he totally missed and who knows how long that would have gone on if I weren't such a "Shit Ass" and McCousin's wife wasn't telling me what Dr. Cocky should be doing!!! Dr. Cocky has no idea that I am about to break up with him.....or at least cheat on he did to his first wife. See how he likes the taste of that medicine.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The ache

Tomorrow it will be seven days since my Grandma died. I didn't think that I wouldn't be able to breathe, cry uncontrollably, have this achy feeling that won't go away. I never thought this day would come....I thought that she would live forever, I took her for granted and now I sit here wondering what we are going to do without her. Will our family stay close, will we still come together for Thanksgiving, for Christmas? Will those that live out of town ever come back now that she is gone? My grandparents were the glue that held all of us they are gone....what will happen to us now? Since Monday my whole family was here, spread out between Aunt Connie and my house was a wreck....and it took me two days to clean and do laundry....but I wouldn't have traded it for the world and as I sit here in total silence, I worry that was the last time.

Fat Tuesday my family gathered at Que Pasa for lunch...and margarita's.....I wrote and shared the following:

All of my life Edith Broussard was the one person I could always count on not the years went by and we all grew up, we all changed but Edith remained the same. 3530 Lisa Lane is the house that she made a safe refuge for anyone that needed it, a place to kick your shoes off, a place where when you walked into the garage you could smell the most amazing smells coming from the kitchen, a place where the back door was always unlocked. Edith was the life of the party......her life was full of the most amazing friends. Edith threw the kind of parties that you would never know the kind of parties that started with awesome food, drinks and ended with a Bouree game....I can remember several parties with her sitting on the kitchen floor with her sisters and friends because she wasn't going to leave that kitchen....she was as I like to say the "Hostess with the mostess".

The way I have described Edtih and Kirby is....That they were the one Constant thing in all of our matter what we were going through in our lives, We could drive down Lisa Lane and everything was just as we left it. Edith would welcome anyone into that house and by the time you left you thought you were part of the family.....she may not have taken in stray animals but she did take in stray people. I am not sure how she did it...but she could simply cook your troubles away....Edith may not have been that warm and fuzzy Grandma but she loved with her whole self and never pretended to be perfect.....She had no filter and would say anything....even if it might hurt your feelings.....but in the end you knew that she loved you. I have to say when I was little I never really said that I wanted to be just like my Grandma but as it turns out she is exactly who I want to be when I grow up.

I thank her for the Family that she has given me....and I promise to always cherish them with my whole heart.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


My fondest memories of PawPaw and Grandma has to be the memory of them always being constant, never changing. PawPaw could always rock my problems away as a child and Grandma could always cook them away. I looked so forward to our trips as a child to Lake Charles and I remember crying until I fell asleep on my way back to Houston. 3530 Lisa Lane was my safe place, a place where I knew I was loved and I knew it would always be just as I left it. Grandma and PawPaw were always my constant, no matter what, they were just the way I left them. Welcoming all of us with open arms and big sugars. As an adult, when Lance and I were looking for a new house I wanted a house that was like Grandma and PawPaw's. I wanted to be close to Grandma and PawPaw because Grandma was teaching me how to cook, be a good mother and wife. I wanted a house that everyone felt like they could walk though the back door without knocking, I wanted a house where everyone felt like they could just stop by without calling and a place where everyone felt at home. I found that in my house. I strive to make my home mean to others what 3530 Lisa Lane meant to me. I know it is just an address, just a house. It is just the people in the house that count, but that house, those people made the childhood memories that I hope I can pass to my children, a safe refuge, a magical place they can call home. I thank you Grandma and PawPaw for always having an open door for anyone that needed it, for all of us that needed a place to lay our heads or a shoulder to cry on or a fabulous meal to eat or just a place to kick your shoes off and sit.

Grandma....while you have finally made it home and are at Peace with PawPaw....know that I valued each and every moment we shared...even when you were calling me a Shit Ass.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2010 or 1910

So you know how I brought Youngest to do bloodwork Monday morning? Well, the freaking bloodwork is still not back from the question is... did they bring it by horse and buggy? I mean seriously CSI can solve a crime in an hour episode....and I can't get freaking bloodwork back in the same week????? I am so aggrevated with this shithole town I live in. These doctors here wonder why everyone leaves and goes to Houston to seek treatment....WAKE up!!! It's because you could die waiting for treatment or answers in this shithole town!!!!!!! I really thought that 2010 was going to be a Doctor free year for Youngest...last year liked to have sucked everything out of this and it's only February. I have called Texas Children's Blue Bird Clinic of Pediatric Neurlogy and they are requesting Youngest information from Dr. S and as soon as they get all of her records they will call and set up an appointment to have Youngest assessed. After the experience at Women and Children with Dr. Allen Wilson aka Dr. Asshole....which turned out to be a week long hospital stay at Memorial Hospital for a bacterial infection in her blood because no one wanted to be proactive with care in this town. Well I am moving west with Youngest's treatment.....Everything is Bigger and Better in TEXAS.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Little Piggy

Update on Youngest's little piggy, it isn't broken(YAY!!!!) it's just sprained. Haven't heard from the Neurologist on the bloodwork....a few of them they had to send off to an outside just waiting to hear, which is sooooo hard to do. I am super stressed out and hate feeling so out of control(and those of you that know me, and know me know how much I enjoy not being in control).

This morning when I called my boss/my friend and told her what had happened with Youngest.....she stopped by the house to check on awesome is that? Youngest really loves my boss/friend.....she told Boss "I'm Broken"......then Boss made fun of her and gave her a new nickname....which if you know know she has many, many nicknames.....This made Youngest feel much better....Youngest then told everyone else she saw today that Oldest broke her finger. Which leads to........

I picked Oldest and her friend up from school today....Friend is super sweet and I like her an awful lot...however Friend is quite the SMART A** and as I have posted today....Oldest doesn't really need any help in this area....I have warned Oldest that I am not having it anymore.....I really think that she doesn't believe me. Oldest has a pretty big project due tomorrow. My Uncle has this awesome shop and he offered to let Oldest use his tools because McHusband has been working 7 days a week 12 hours a day.....and lets be honest...Mama don't build....I can clean it and I can paint it....but I can't build it. Oldest built it all by herself, we drove around town and took pictures of examples of the all the craziness of Youngest today I took the time to have the pictures developed so she could show the examples.......she wanted me to write the labels for the pictures......ummm Oldest-who is getting graded for this project? Me or You?

Basically what this boils down to is that I am not cut out to be a single mother or a mother of a shift working husband!!!!!! I know my limits.....I need back up!!!!!!

Broken little piggy

Don't know if you heard or not but.......THE SAINTS WON THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!

We had a few friends over for the Saints Super Bowl and the kids were outside playing kickball....and Oldest threw the ball to Youngest and she went to catch it and the ball hit her pinkie just right and bent it all the way back....pretty sure it is broken......Mchusband taped her up last night...this morning we took the tape off......

Youngest was diagnoised with Chiari Malformation Type I and a Seizure Disorder in May 2009....the seizures have been controlled by Keppra and she has not had any episodes until this morning......we were standing in my bedroom talking and all of the sudden she started to go down....this time I caught her so she didn't slam her head into my dresser.....she was out for maybe 15 seconds but it felt like 15 hours......when she started to come to she had a small seizure and then completely broke down.....she felt so out of control and broke my heart.

Went to the lab to have blood work done and then off to Urgent Care for an X-Ray of her hand(pinkie)finger......Youngest just can't seem to catch a break......well she caught it...just don't know if she wants it.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Is She Allergic to me?

I would like to start this post by saying....I LOVE LOVE LOVE my girls!!! My husband and girls are my proudest accomplishment-hands down. My oldest daughter is a gorgeous, smart, funny, friendly, loving...etc.girl....However.....she is such a SMART A**!!!!! I know what you are thinking...."The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!" Oldest is so much like me that it completely freaks me out......when she was in first grade I was up at the school being Super Room Mom and her teacher's just went on and on and on about how sweet, polite and smart she was.....I was sooooo proud of her. On our way home I was telling Oldest how proud I was of her and as we got out of the car and walking in the house I asked her "Why she didn't act like that at home." Oldest then says "Maybe I am allergic to you!".........which leads me to today. Nothing has changed. Oldest is a banner role helper(discipline office????), Beta Club member, etc. Oldest is the girl that will call you out if you are rude and is not afraid to stand up to the scariest "Out of Zone" girl in PE if she is being mean to another student........yet at home if I ask her to do something for me I get eye rolls, deep breaths, stompy feet and constant back talk........I am really starting to think that she is allergic to me in deed......

Allergic or not....I wouldn't trade her smart a** for anything in the world.....because I know she will NOT be a follower, she will always stand up for herself and for the little matter who she will piss off....That makes up for all her back talking stomping down the hall slamming her bedroom door not cleaning her closet self!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I started this blog with the intention that I would be my normal snarky self.....and it seems that I am going to dissapoint once again.....

Yesterday I had to bring my youngest lil chick to the Doctor because she is some kinda snotty and I was quite sure it was a sinus infection...which it was indeed. We headed to the local Walgreens to drop off that prescription....the Pharmacy tech was super sweet and told me to give her just a few minutes and she would have it ready....then Nicole the Pharmacy manager calls me over and asks if I have a new Prescription card and I told her no. It seems that our Benefits Coordinator has screwed up yet again(long story).....anyway, my youngest takes a medication that controls a certain condition and she can't be with out that....secondly she has a sinus infection and needs the antibiotic....I was about to loose my shit!!!! Nicole then says "Take these, and when you get it worked out...just come back and pay for them." I then say "Whatcha talkin bout Willis?" Lately I have felt that customer service is a thing of the past....then I meet Nicole. Walgreens, I heart you!!!!!