Thursday, January 27, 2011

I drank the Kool-Aid

Well....I am drinking the kool-aid....that is the IPhone.  McHusband had no cell service with Sprint where he is now working and was able to get out of his contract with Sprint......and so we have made the switch and we are now an IPhone Family.....what's next???? Facebook?  Yikes!  I've pretty much held out until everyone I know has overdosed or gone to Facebook do I do it? Do I drink that cup of Kool-Aid, that is Facebook?  The peer pressure that I am experiencing from my friend RockStar is almost more than I can bare....especially when she pulls up Facebook pages of other friends and there I am posted all over their Facebook pages...what's a girl to do?

Friday, January 7, 2011

My Goals for 2011

I thought it would be hard for me to think of 11 Goals for 2011....but once I started....I found it hard to stop!!! These are my first 11.

1.  Loose 50 pds

2.  Finish Winter Boot Camp Maintance

3.  Start and Finish Boot Camp....both Spring and Summer...(what can I say, I am addicted to Alli's abuse.)

4.  Wear a bathing suit in April while we are on Vacation in Hawaii...without having to worry about someone yelling "Beached Whale...Beached Whale...someone call PETA!"

5.  Ride a rollercoaster with Oldest....without the fear of me or Oldest falling out and dying tragically because of my fat arse!

6.  Water Ski....I was the shit...once apon a time!

7.  Take a trip with McHusband...just the two of us....haven't done that since BC(before children).

8.  Sail as a crew member on Mr. Blue Eyes boat for the Harvest Moon Regatta with my Mom and Mrs. Blue Eyes.

9.  Go Hunting with McHusband and shoot a deer before Oldest does....because I'm a biotch like that!
10.  Journal, thoughts...everything!

11.  Be Happy with the Girl in the Mirror...and Dance like there is no tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year....New Me!

So the other day McHusband asked me what I was giving up for my New Years Resolution.....and I just looked at him....with twitchy stabby eyes and was all "Really....I've given up Sugar, Eating in general, most drinking....I'm doing this Boot Camp two days a week, doing Cardio Boot Camp, working out with a Lesbian two days a week....what more could I do?"  Maybe I could be a little less Snarky, drop the "F" word from my vocab...but really-I gave up SUGAR.....I am keeping the "F" word! 

On a different subject....I got one of those questionnaire emails from Oldest the other night and one of the questions was what song would you have played at your funeral and it really got me thinking....I asked Cooney what her song would be and she thought for a few minutes and said "EYE OF THE TIGER"......for the rest of the night I tried to beat that song.  I can visualize the service...where they have the video of all the pictures and everyone is so expecting Amazing Grace or Bette Midler Wind Beneath My Wings...but no...EYE OF THE TIGER! fu-awesome would that be?  I told Cooney that if I die first I am stealing her song...cause all I could come up with was Vanilla Ice "ICE ICE BABY....too cold too cold" or Michael Jackson "Beat It" or Alanis Morisette "Bitch"....Cooney says if I steal her song and she is asked to say a few words...those few words will be "That Bitch stole my song!"....see Alanis Morissette's "Bitch" really is the winner!

So I ask you all...what song do you want played at your funeral?  Do you want sad and sappy...or do you want a bottle of Patron and Kid Rock?  These are the things that I am thinking about in 2011....I need to know these things about my people...incase I want to steal your song too!

Update:  New Song....this is the song J thinks her husband should pick for her funeral if she bites it right now....

and this is why we are friends.....Dark and Disturbed!