Wednesday, June 30, 2010

She Shines so bright...REDUX

I guess when you have a blog and when people read it, it isn't always fun to see yourself in a less than flattering light. I don't make this stuff up people...I just report it. Here is one person's reaction.....

(Parent) (12:37 PM): You were wrong in putting me in your blog, you took what I said and turned it around to make me look bad. The sad part was I had to explain to (Parent's child) why you did that. Really (Snarky Corner) what have I done to you for you to this!!

(Snarky Corner) (12:48 PM): Really? Really (Parent)?....I wrote what happened....the way it happened in MY BLOG. If anyone knows it was's because YOU told them....If (your child) knows, it is because YOU told him. This is my personal BLOG...and as it states on my header
(Snarky Corner) (12:48 PM): A southern snarky mother's perspective of things that happen in her world
(Snarky Corner) (12:50 PM): It is MY PERSPECTIVE..... I don't use ANYONES names. I protect the innocent and guilty alike.
(Snarky Corner) (12:52 PM): You haven't done anything to was my reaction to what you said....while you may not have meant it the way I heard it...that was my reaction at the time.

(Parent) (1:14 PM): Yes I did tell (Friend) and we have talked about this!!!And the reason (Parent's child) knows is because he got on my ipad and seen it casue I had it saved!! And yes this is your blog but you know and I know and everyone else knows I was making a compliment to you about your daughter. You just decided to make it sound the way you wanted it to sound in your ear. (Snarky Corner) you're still messy and always will be, I really feel sorry for you that you think you have to put people down in order for you to be happy. Your still in High School and a very mean person deep down inside. So much for the compliment!!! You just leave me alone and keep me out of your childish blog .

And the hits keep coming.....I decided I am not going to reply to her Instant Message...because honestly all I really want to know is....How much does she love her IPAD....does it make reading my Blog a breeze? Is she Instant Messaging me from it right now? Ohhhh, how I want an IPAD!!! My birthday is in August...I wonder if McHusband would get me one.....

And so it goes...Old issues drug out and dusted off. It's great that we can use quotes from Real Housewives of NYC, but Jill Zarin I am not.....a Fat version of Bethenny, maybe! I'm really not messy, even cleaned out that one last closet in the hall. What I am is happy! I have a great life, great family, and the greatest friends a girl could ever ask for! Mostly I am grateful for a sense of humor that allows me to laugh and make others laugh....mostly...sometimes it gives people a stabby feeling


Texas Vacation-the final chapter

Oldest and the Rose started Opti camp Monday morning. Youngest and Lil K explored the grounds of the Yacht Club with my Flip camera....they created a new TV show and I am trying to keep it from PETA. It started with Youngest videoing one of the extremely OBESE squirrels sprawled out in a tree, youngest got a little to close for comfort and the squirrel got squirmy and came out of the tree...which caused Youngest and Lil K to run away screaming and laughing....they decided that their new show would consist of Youngest creeping up on the ducks, birds, lizards, fish of the Yacht Club and SCREAMING. You can understand my concern about PETA's reaction?

My mother has a FABULOUS condo in Seabrook, it's a place that heals the soul and puts you at peace while you are there. My mother has such a sense of style and impeccable taste, however it was severally damaged from Hurricane IKE and it took about a 1 1/2 years to get the entire Building repaired...and up until about 6 months ago my mother lived on her Boat. She decided to get rid of her boat about the time that the condo was ready...which then caused the equivalent of moving two households in to one at the same time. My mother was overwhelmed and just couldn't face the chore of trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Tuesday, I spent the entire day unpacking boxes, organizing bathrooms, the kitchen, and putting everything in it's place. When my mother walked in the door that afternoon, her reaction was priceless.

The rest of the time was spent much like this....

McHusband came and met us for the last part of the trip. McHusband turned 40 on the 17th....I called his favorite place(Hooter's) to arrange a little surprise Birthday dinner with our Texas people on Saturday. When I called to make reservations the Manager asked if I would like to put a message on their marquee. Well hell yeah! Anything to embarrass McHusband. The message "Happy Birthday McHusband..40 is the new 20". Hooter girls are pretty...not such great spellers but pretty. This is what the sign read:

So is 40 the new 20? Or is 40 the NENZO? I googled NENZO..ya'll, it isn't the new 40....but it is varent of is 40 the new Lorenzo Lamas? Just Asking

And this is how our vacation ended......

Oldest's friend said it's a sign....we should have stayed in TEXAS!

Friday, June 25, 2010

My Texas Vacation....part 1

This week I have been playing catch up at work....due to my Vacation last week. I have so much to say about Vacation with my here we go.

Friday, June 11th. Youngest, Lil K(youngest's best friend), and I are headed to Texas to meet Oldest and The Rose(Oldest's best friend) after their week long Sailing Camp.

My vacation starts with a text from my sister that reads:
"Oldest hugged a boy...this is unacceptable!" my reply "Fucking stop it...stop it now!" Apparently in one short week Oldest has decided that not all boys are STUPID! One of these Sailor Boy's even tried to hold her hand on the Boardwalk! What the hell?

Saturday the girls and I drove up to my Dad and Stepmonster's house to do Father's Day with my Dad. Four girls and my Dad.....I thought for sure was a recipe for disaster! I was so wrong....he loved it, he loved them and they loved him. He even turned off Fox News...SHOCKER!!! The girls entertained us with storytelling, singing and was like our own personal Glee.

Sunday my Sister drove down and we gave my dad his Father's Day gift...a BOSE docking station for his IPOD, he was thrilled, surprised, and speechless! We went out to eat at Pappadeaux's then Stepmonster and I took the girls shopping....I even went to the Mall and didn't have a Panic Attack. WOOOHOOOO!!!! We headed back down to the Yacht Club that evening....Oldest and The Rose had Opti camp first thing Monday morning.

More to come soon!

Putting FATHERS on NOTICE!!!!

When your 12yr old daughter comes in the door bouncing with joy to show you her new haircut, which is absolutely smile and tell her how pretty she is! You don't look at her like she just killed a baby fucking UNICORN!!!! Especially in front of Momma Bear!!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Holy Flash Flood!

There was a Flash Flood in New friends are stuck at Camp Huaco Springs Campground....they barely made it to safety in of our friends lost their RV......the Camp Ground is a complete loss....there are people missing!!! There was NO WARNING!!!! My friends could have died...thank GOD they were Marines and Navy officers...and knew what to do under pressure. They saved lives and managed to get to safety. McHusband and I were supposed to be on this trip but Oldest had Sailing Camp....I am worried sick about my friends and feeling completely helpless...cause I am here and they are there!!!!! Mother Nature is a BITCH!!!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Toes

At last SUMMER is officially here!!! Oldest and her bestie started Sailing Camp, sleep away Sailing Camp to be exact...and this is the FIRST for Oldest and Bestie to be in another State, at a camp, and without a family member. This weekend consisted of pedicures, shopping, and lots of swimming at the Yacht Club. I purchased a lil go phone for Oldest to have at Camp...just in case she needed us, she was totally annoyed with me and thought I was being ridiculous.....and she gave me the whole "Mother, I am going to be very busy, we have something scheduled every hour, so please don't get your feelings hurt if I don't call you....I will see you on Friday!" I was left completely speechless for a few minutes...then handed her the phone and said "This is a just in case phone....just in case you need something from Nana or Nicolocity(her aunt)!" I got a major eyerolling...but Bestie, she knew what I needed to hear and she said "We will try really hard to call you and let you know we are okay!" I love that kid!!! Was that so hard?

I feel so blessed that my children are able to experience this life, however it broke my heart to drive away from The Club. Oldest and Bestie will be just, I am not so sure about.

Youngest started Violin Camp today....and they get to bring the instruments home. YIKES!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We live in the South, yo!!!! You can't leave your DOG in the car while you go shopping at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond.

The girls and I were running some errands after work on Friday and one of our stops was Bed Bath and Beyond. We heard a dog barking from a Volvo parked across from us...with one window cracked about an inch and inside was the cutest lil dog and he was in distress...barking, then putting his nose up to the crack to get some air. I called 911 to report it, of course I have Sprint and their service SUCKS MAJOR my phone drops the call, not once but twice. My girls are freaking out, they are worried about the Puppy and also worried about the owner finding out that their mom called the PoPo on them. This is the problem with our society....NO ONE wants to get involved. As I stood there trying to get reconnected with the Police, four separate women walked by...and they asked "Are you calling the Police about that dog? That's just so sad" I asked "How long do you think he has been left alone?" One lady said "Well, since we got here, probably about 5 or 10 minutes." I just looked at them and said "Why didn't you call the police?" and she said "I didn't know what to do." I said "What if it were a child, would you know what to do then? Same 911!!!!"

I walked into Bed Bath and Beyond with the licence plate number written on my hand. I asked the Customer Service Rep. to please call the owner of the Grey Volvo Suv with the licence plate number to the front of the store. Up walks Young Volvo owner...that I saw at I am PISSED. I asked her if that was her dog....and she said "Yes, that is my dog, why?"....I then explained to her that it only takes a few minutes with temperatures as high as they are down here for your dog to have a stoke and die....she then said "You need to mind your own business, I have only been in here a few minutes and he is just fine!" I explained to her that I saw her in Target about 15 minutes ago, two ladies that were shopping in Bed Bath and Beyond said he was barking when they went in about 10 minutes ago, and leaving him in the car MADE it my business, I have called the police and if she doesn't bring him home...I will go get him out of the car and she won't like the way I get him out! I told her...I wouldn't leave my kids in the car...and they can get out of the car on their own, he can't!!!!" By this time we have an audience in the Bed Bath and Beyond, and Young Volvo Owner leaves crying......I hope her dog shits in her hair while she is sleeping!!!!!

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