Friday, September 17, 2010

Life has been Fu-Crazy!

I haven’t had a chance to even think about posting… has been Fu-Crazy! The girls started school, which means freaking homework, school supplies, school uniforms, reading…..and all that School brings on. I have to say that I didn’t miss the girls going to school…we had a hellagood summer and I am totally pissed that it is over! I love late nights with the girls, no bedtime, no stress of homework or AR reading….both of my girls HATE to read and that drives me FU-Crazy…cause I love reading more that I love McHusband…not really but sort of.

Youngest tried out and made the Bulber Youth Orchestra….she is playing the Violin and absolutely loves it. Oldest is still not really sure what she wants to do, because she is limited to what day is “Convenient” for her…you see Mondays are no good because she is exhausted from the weekend, Tuesday she has a lot of homework, Wednesday she has CCD at Church….so that really only leaves Thursday. Fridays are out because of Jr. Cotillion. Interesting enough….she can’t find something that will work around her schedule.

McHusband has been working like a dog and trying to get ready for Hunting Season and the girls can't wait to go hunting with Daddy! Do you know what that means for me?????? WEEKENDS TO MYSELF....ALL ALONE WITH A GREAT BOOK...OR WITH GREAT FRIENDS! Oh, how I love Hunting Season!!!!!

Well, the girls and are off to Texas for the weekend. Leaving McHusband home alone with the Dogsm YIKES!

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