Thursday, November 11, 2010

Taking the F out of Fat Wicked pound at a time!

Life has been an all new level of Crazy the past few months......with the shedding of weight has come a heightened level of energy that I didn't realize I was lacking. I don't believe that I have spent a whole weekend couching or watching hours of DVR recordings in months. I have lost 56pds...which is the equivalent to a 2nd grader or Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie(put together).....that is just Fu-Crazy.

My mom came in this past was the first time she has seen me in a few months.....needless to say she was blown away! She made me feel so great....seeing how my Outlaws didn't say a word when I saw them the week before! Mom, the girls and I went to Lafayette to see VKB...I have had more fun the past two weekends helping her get her house back in order after her remodel....I don't know if I have ever laughed as hard as I have with her....she puts the Fu in Fu-Crazy! Maybe it's the ability she has at laughing at herself..almost as much as I laugh at myself that draws us together in such a way....whatever it's been good for my soul! Thanks VKB...I love your guts!

Jackie Warner and I have a love hate relationship....while that Lesbian is kicking my ass in the mornings I am cursing her out....and I hate her ever loving guts, but when I step on the scale or look at a picture of myself....I have never wanted to kiss another woman on the mouth so bad! As I have said before her book "This is why your fat" has become my saving grace.....I have had so many Ahhhhaaaaa moments while reading it...if you haven't already gotten it...what the hell are you waiting for? Target has it for $17.50...go, go now and get it!!!!!

My friend J is doing a Boot Camp right now and she is Kicking Major Ass.... and as I have said before she inspires me...and I plan on doing the boot camp in the spring....hopefully by then I won't embarrass myself too much. J and I will be Hot & Hungry in no time....goodbye Fat & Forty!!!!!

So for now....I am living life....not watching life pass me by. I have energy to do things with my girls and McHusband. This weekend McHusband is off to slay deer....Oh how I love Deer Season..what it means for me is I can watch endless Chick Flicks and have lots of girl time without hurting McHusband's feelings, if he had any that is! I asked that Fucker last night if he was going to miss me this weekend? His answer..simply NO and I was could have lied to me and said you will miss me like air! He was all...and you will miss me too, right? He got me.....My StepMonster and my sister are coming in for a girls weekend....and I can't freaking wait!!!!!

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