Tuesday, October 19, 2010

San Antonio is my Eutopia....or maybe it's just Texas !

There is just something magically delicious about San Antonio and all that the city has to offer. J and Fleur De'Fabulous and I took a road trip this weekend..without children or husbands and it was absolutely FANTASTIC! I had a conference.....and lets be honest....the chance to take a trip with Girlfriends makes me warm and fuzzy inside! We got in late Friday evening and went to Me Tierra to eat a late dinner....if you have never been there...you need to put that on your list of places to eat...it's Divine! Saturday morning we woke up early and hit the pavement for some exercise. We walked the entire Riverwalk and then walked through downtown San Antonio back to our Hotel....the Riverwalk is just breathtaking at 7:30 in the morning...it's quiet and peaceful.

I got ready for my conference and took off to The Menger Hotel(across from the Alamo)...we broke out for a long lunch and took off to yet another wonderful Mexican Restaurant...and it was Fabulous too! At the end of the day my Conference was over...that evening we went to the Market and walked around...doing a little window shopping and listened to a band....we met up with the ladies from the conference at Me Tierra's and had a drink and visited.....then we headed back to the Riverwalk.....we did so much walking this weekend...it was awesome! We got a table at the Iron Cactus...which is my all time FAVORITE restaurant.....and yes it is Mexican too! I found a new friend in San Antonio....his name is Tequilame' ....check it out http://www.tequilame.com
I enjoyed the SkinnyGirl Margarita (Thanks Bethany Frankel)....it was the most fabulous Tequila ever....thinking of writing Mr. Patron a Dear John letter...that's how yummy the Tequilame' is....it is also made in San Antonio! So not only does San Antonio have the most Fabulous people but the best Tequila EVER! No one in San Antonio will admit it to me...but I believe there must be a secret code/boot camp you have to go to in order to live/work in that city.....I have yet to find one RUDE, NASTY person in that city....of course I am quite sure that is because they are all living in my town. San Antonio is my Disney world...it is magical, calming, inviting and just awesome Ya'll! My shitty attitude improves every time I visit...I might actually be a really nice person deep, deep down if I wasn't surrounded by such shitty people all the time!

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