Friday, January 29, 2010

Fight the urge...let them merge!!!

My question today is......we as parents teach our little ones to share, be polite, use good maners, be courtious to others....right? So why is it that while we are bringing our precious children to school we are not courtious, don't want to share or be polite? What I am talking about is the mom that is on her cell phone waiting in traffic, blocking an intersection, ignoring her children, refusing to make eye contact with the person trying to turn in front of her.....Hey mom...get off your cell phone, pay attention to your children and use a little common is no fun waiting in traffic during carpool...but really, do you think if you let ONE car go in front of you the world is going to end? Do you not let that car in because "You were there first?" Think about what you are teaching your when little Suzy is at home tonight and she doesn't want to let Sam take a bath before her...and you are exhausted from working all day and you just want your children to get along and be courtious....Remember this morning in carpool.....Fight the urge to be a total DOUCHE BAG and let them merge!!!!

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