Friday, January 29, 2010

It's Friday....and I am thinking about my friends.....

So, last Friday at this time I was preparing food and cleaning house......My sister is a Scentsy Consultant and she asked me to host a party. I sent out about 65 invitations, not really knowing what do expect. I had about 20 or so RSVP's and the way my Grandmother taught me was to over compensate where food is concerned. I love to entertain, I love to feed people and I love to make people feel at home.....

At 6 O'clock my friends started to arrive, by 7 O'clock.....I had a very full house. I ended up with about 30 of my friends and 23 of their children running and giggling through the house. It was a great party....with great food, drinks and conversation. Do you ever have those out of body experiences? I don't know if I am saying that quite right.....but I looked around my house at all of these people(mostly women...because the guys were hiding in the man room) and all I could do was Thank God, thank him for blessing me with the most amazing friends a girls could ever ask for. When I was younger I had no appreciation for "Girlfriends". I thought girls were stupid, full of drama and backstabbing demons. I thought I had it all in my 20's.......(looking back at pictures I was beautiful-I had no idea that I was beautiful, but I was)....Here I am in my 30's-knocking on 40's door and I am overweight, gray, tired and wouldn't trade it for anything. Women are like wine they get better with age.....(Although there are a few exceptions to this....Some turn to vinegar and are sour...those we throw away). I truly love my friends and as I sit here today I am wishing I was having them all over tonight to do it again!!!!

Oh and if you were wondering.....the party was a complete success. My sister did over $1000.00 in sales. What that means for me? I got over $150.00 in free products and 9 1/2 off items. I loooove my house to smell this is fantastic for me...also I was able to get some birthday shopping done. Visit my sister's website if you would like to host a party or just order some smell goods. Wooohoooo!!!!! I can't wait for everything to come in.

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  1. We had fun too! Looking forward to our goodies arriving. birthday is in May, but the baby is due in April (heehee:).