Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sha Sha's of Creole

Spending time with my Family down at Pecan Island has rekindled my love for everything South Louisiana. I'm a Texas girl at heart, ya'll....but the one thing Louisiana and I share is a love for food and family.

Sha Sha's of Creole opened in Downtown Lake Charles...it is seriously the most AHHHDORABLE place. The waitstaff wear white rubber boots and most of the girls have decorated theirs...(we call those Cameron Reebok's). Sha Sha's has a simple, down home, tried and true menu....from hamburgers, fried catfish, fried pickles(my all time favorite), shrimp po-boys, seared tuna. The desserts!!!!! OHHHHHH MY GAWD, Ya'll! On Friday and Saturday evenings they have bands come and play some chanky chank music. Sha Sha's has this beautiful bar and this super long table that looks just like a fishing pier. The table's in the bar are from the old Sha Sha's in Creole that they salvaged after Hurricane Rita and brought to the new Sha Sha's.
Honestly Ya'll this is one of those places that warms your heart the second you step in the door. If you are ever in Lake Charles......you betta stop at Sha Sha's and eat some Fried Bread Pudding......it is HELLAGOOD.

***Sha Sha's of Creole located @ 609 Ryan St * Lake Charles, La.*494-7227***

And no....I was not paid for this! You JackAss!!!

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  1. I totally agree! We ate there a few weeks ago and had the grilled shrimp....it was in a buttery garlic goodness that I literally sopped up with my bread.....YYYYYUUUUUMMMMMM!!!! They totally captured my heart! Will have to try to fried bread pudding next time!