Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bieber Fever...Suite Style

I will admit first that I do have Baby by Justin Bieber on my IPOD....I will follow that by saying...I share an ITunes account with my girls-so stop judging me!!!

Oldest had a mad crush on Justin about a year ago and lucky for me it seems to be dissipating. My friend J and I brought the girls to the Houston Rodeo earlier this year and had to endure about 30,000 screaming girls...I thought...note to self-NEVER AGAIN!!!!

Fast forward to August 1st. My Aunt Precious is a VP at Cox Communications and she invited the girls, my Aunt VKB and her daughter(we will call her KittyGirl) to be her guests for The Justin Bieber concert at the CajunDome in Lafayette, La. Did I mention that it was in the Cox Communication Suite, Catered, VIP Parking Pass and we didn't have to wait in line, with the common people to get in.... "Let them eat Cake"....Ohh, sorry...I just went a little Marie Antoinette there!!! I have to tell you....Justin Bieber not half bad, while viewing in a suite. Oldest was not feeling well at all....and youngest was more excited that Aunt Precious brought her favorite Cuzan as the surprise guest. When we were leaving the Cajundome, Aunt Precious was pointing out to Youngest and KittyGirl the Cox Communication sign...and told them to say thank you Cox. Youngest said "Who is Cox?" and KittyGirl answered "Your Friend in the Digital Age".....everyone in the car started to laugh.....and if I have confused anyone....that is the line for their commercial....verbatim!

I expect to see KittyGirl featured on an upcoming Cox Communication commerical soon.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA...... I can see her saying it too!!!

  2. J and you? Oh, how quickly we forget who else was with you and who got the tickets and got a kid in for free. IJS.