Thursday, August 12, 2010

Patron, Tito, Lemons and Limes....oh my!

It's my Birthday month...we gonna party like it's my Birthday! I went to Sam's this morning to get provisions for our camping trip to Cajun Palms in Breaux Bridge, La.
When I walked passed the liquor...I heard a voices saying "Pick me, Pick me!" I thought it was Tito talking to me because he is my BFF and always treats me right! I put him in my shopping cart...but I still heard "Pick me...I said Pick me!" Patron and I have recently rekindled our love affair on the field trip to the Coastal Bar at Pecan Island. So Patron, Tito and I are headed to Cajun Palms this weekend to party with our Friends....stay tuned for the Tales of the Drunk Side....if I don't have amnesia!!!!

P.S. Buttah and I made 100 jello shots for this party.....11 campers/24 adults...WHOOOHOOOO, hold on tight it's gonna be a Wicked Ride!


  1. A wicked fun ride it was!! Patron became friends with Jeremiah and made me a little stumbly!! When the BugMan asked me to walk a straight line and well....i walked a bit sideways...i knew it was a good nite! But hey, I tried! So I knew it was time to tap out!!