Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tales from the Drunk Side......

Cake that my bad ass friend made for me!

Our camping trip to Cajun Palms was a hellagood time! McHusband and I invited our friends Mr. Skyy and Angelina Swolelee to bunk with us. I knew it was going to be a fu-fantastic time by the car ride alone! We were the last ones in our group to arrive at the campground. Not only did I have the bread and rolls for dinner...I, apparently also had the "BOX-O-FUN" too. It's been awhile since we have all been camping together... I forgot how much I missed my people.

Friday night was pretty low key....everyone just hanging out and catching up. Saturday, Angelina, the girls and I went to see my new baby nephew. Angelina is a professional photographer...and offered to come with to take pictures of the new baby-how nice was that? We tried to do a little shopping but Lafayette was we headed back to the campground. McHusband, Mr. Sky, Angelina, and the girls all headed to the pool.....I needed a little quite time.

Skullet and Drummer Boy were in charge of dinner for Saturday night...and boy can they cook....everything was AHHHMAZING! I was sitting visiting with MiniMe...when I hear "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you"....I am looking around wondering who they are singing to-they are walking to me...and I am all....WTF? Angelina made me a birthday cake.....FROM store bought, 2 day old cake for me! I blew out the candle, tried to contain myself..but I couldn't....I couldn't believe that she went through that much trouble for me! I totally don't think I am worthy to have such FU-Awesome friends in my life. I freaked out and had to go to our trailer...where I cried like a baby...Mrs. Buttah came in to see about me...and I was all "I can't believe ya'll did that!" and she was all...."We love you" and I was all.."Why?"...and she was all "Because you are the shit!" and I was all "I fu-hate you bitches!" and she was all "No You don' fu-love us!" She is totally right...I fu-love the shit out of my friends!

Once the kids were all tucked away in the campers....Patron, Limes, and Jello Shots came out....The ladies and I slammed Patron Shots...till they all tapped out one by one! The boys were a bunch of girls...they did all the Jello Shots! One of our friends oldest son was being a dick...and was a total buzz kill..and I was not going to let him come between me and Patron or as Rachel from Big Brother would say "He is not coming between me and my man!" I may have interjected...and he puffed up to me....but McHusband stopped him before he could say anything(SO HOT). That was really the only semi Redneck thing that happened that weekend...Oh shit...memory...Mr. X-Ray had moonshine and homemade hot tamales.....that was totally Redneck!

I thought for sure I would hurt the next morning..I cautiously opened my eyes one at a time and very carefully got out of bed.... I almost broke out in SONG...I felt fu-mazin!!! Can't wait to do it again! There is something to be said for the powers of GREEN TEA! Intoxicate and Hydrate....say it with my people...Intoxicate and Hydrate!

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