Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I started this blog with the intention that I would be my normal snarky self.....and it seems that I am going to dissapoint once again.....

Yesterday I had to bring my youngest lil chick to the Doctor because she is some kinda snotty and I was quite sure it was a sinus infection...which it was indeed. We headed to the local Walgreens to drop off that prescription....the Pharmacy tech was super sweet and told me to give her just a few minutes and she would have it ready....then Nicole the Pharmacy manager calls me over and asks if I have a new Prescription card and I told her no. It seems that our Benefits Coordinator has screwed up yet again(long story).....anyway, my youngest takes a medication that controls a certain condition and she can't be with out that....secondly she has a sinus infection and needs the antibiotic....I was about to loose my shit!!!! Nicole then says "Take these, and when you get it worked out...just come back and pay for them." I then say "Whatcha talkin bout Willis?" Lately I have felt that customer service is a thing of the past....then I meet Nicole. Walgreens, I heart you!!!!!

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  1. I'm gonna be really disappointed moving back to the crappy customer service of Lake Charles. People in The Woodlands work hard and treat people kindly. Kinda like it's an honor to have this job checking out your groceries. I guess people there realize THEY ARE REPLACEABLE!!! Maybe one day the workers in Tha Chuck will realize the same. It's good to know that a kind heart will be servicing us at Walgreens when we move back.