Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Cup runneth over with PRIDE

This picture is what my view of Cheerleader's have always been....when I think of Cheerleading, I think of Channelview Texas...crazy Cheerleader Mom and mean girls that think they are better than everyone else. I sure never thought that one of my girls would ever want to be a forward.

This past week Oldest has practiced like nothing I have ever seen, about 20 or so other girls went to practice for hours everyday....they were dedicated, driven and supportive of one another. Oldest cried the entire way home Thursday night...because she didn't feel confident in "throwing" her backhand spring at tryouts.....she cried the entire time she took a bath, she went to bed with out eating dinner for the second time this week because of her nerves. Friday morning she woke up fragile....and she lost it...I mean lock yourself in the bathroom and cry from your toenails lost it. Once she got herself together..she said she was going to do her best but if she didn't make it..she was going to be fine...she was just so worried that if she didn't make it that EVERYONE, especially her Tumble coach would be disappointed in her! As if!!!!

Friday night the results were posted on the school website. Oldest checked the site, she came in the living room and she told me that her best friend didn't make the Squad, that she was really worried about her...cause "S" really wanted this(as if she didn't). I asked her if SHE made the squad.....she said "No, I didn't make it....yes I am disappointed but I will be fine..maybe next year." She proceeds to tell me who all made the squad and that she called them to congratulate them. Everyday this kid amazes be able to pick up the phone and call these girls and congratulate them...what grace this kid has! I know I would have been BITTER as hell and I surely wouldn't have been able to go to go spend the night with two of the girls that made the Squad and go to Tumble on Sunday with these girls......My cup runneth over with pride and admiration for Oldest.

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  1. That's awesome! Not sure I'd have been nearly as graceful.