Monday, March 1, 2010 the new Drug

One of my best friends sent this to me a week or so ago. "M" and I are both fighting the FACEBOOK craze. I feel much like "M" does that if you are in my past you are there for a reason....because I put you there and I really could careless what you have been up to for the past 20 years..I don't care that your first marriage has failed, I don't care that you have FOUR babies from FOUR different DADDY's, I don't care that the Quarterback of the football team is now a Cross Dressing Drag Queen. I also believe that if we are such great friends you totally know what I've been up to and are completely aware of what's been going on in my world that I don't need to FACEBOOK. Up until this morning I haven't thought of sharing this .....until I got about 7 FACEBOOK requests this morning(totally flattered) but seriously...FACEBOOK is the new Drug.....and the peer pressure to be cool...everyone is doing I didn't hear that when I was growing up...if I did everything my friends said was cool and totally fun and everyone was doing it....I would be on Intervention or Dr. Drew for sure...much like a drug if put in the wrong hands it can be destructive, bad and you just might never recover from it....I grew up in the 80's. We didn't have FACEBOOK, CellPhones, Computers to use for evil or good.....we used pen and pencil....3 way took awhile to spread a "virus" of ill thoughts and it rarely could follow you to a Job Interview. Now, it's a push of a send button...and poof you could potentially ruin someone FOREVER.

In theory FACEBOOK and other Social Networks are an awesome way to communicate...but in actuality they seem to do more damage than good....take for instant this common fight between a brother and a yester year this would have been a sister ratted on her brother for drinking and the brother would have waited....plotted his revenge and ratted her out to their parents....paybacks a mother right? Not he has gone and posted her dirty little secret for everyone to read...and forward all across the world, now everyone knows that Brother is a drunk and hides beer in his room and Sister is a dirty little whore......point it's in my little world. I emailed this FACEBOOK GONE WRONG to many of my friends...wanting to see what kind of response I got.....90% thought it was super funny, hillarious, LMAO funny. Yes, it is a little funny...however not so funny if it's you or your kids.

It seems to me that people have become so dependent on FACEBOOK and TEXTING that we cannot communicate without the use of TECHNOLOGY...I find myself falling into the TEXTING texting like pot?????? Is it the gateway drug to FACEBOOK????? YIKES!!!!!!!

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  1. I stand with you in solidarity against Facebook. It is another layer of the information overload culture we live in. I hope it's dead and burried by the time Mad and P get old enough to care!!