Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bitches with Brushes

Some of the Staff at Oldest's school organized a Painting Party. I volunteer in the office once a week and they were sweet enough to include some of us of the ladies has a Very Talented Artist for a Son and agreed to be our instructor, the theme was Fleur De Lis (of course). "A" drew the Fleur De Lis' on the canvas and we painted. S's painting was exactly like was OVER THE TOP FABULOUS, J's was ...DARK & WILD...just like her. Cooney's was much like her...CONSERVATIVE & RESERVED. I am not sure about mine, not really sure what it says about me...if in fact it says anything about me...but I will tell you this much..I enjoyed the process of painting it, the exploration of colors, the combination of colors, and the depth that each stroke added to it. I could easily become addicted to painting......

Friday night M & L, Cooney & Hot Cousin, Me & McHusband played Taboo and Things. I haven't laughed that hard in a very long time! Girls kicked the guys arses and that made it even better!

It's not very often that our house isn't full of giggling, screaming girls...but this weekend Oldest and Youngest were both out of town. It was nice to have some "adult" time. Oldest went to my sister's for a little one on one time and Youngest went with one of her BFF's to a Dance Competition...both in H'Town. I miss them both terribly and I can't wait for them to get home and hear all about their weekend in the BIG CITY of Houston.

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