Friday, May 7, 2010

May is kicking April's Ass!

I thought that I would never make it through April...with Birthday Palooza and all.....once again I am wondering if I will make it through May. When I open my calendar and see all that has to be done, I can't help but get a little twitchy and we are only one week in. It was Teacher Appreciation at Youngest's school this week, Tuesday both girls had an Orthodontist Appointment, Wednesday my Underwriter was in from Home Office, Thursday and Friday was spent in Lafayette for Beta Convention with 12,000 junior high students, Saturday was my lil cousin's Birthday party, followed by McHusband and Hot Cousin hosting a Crawfish Boil for their Mothers for Mother's Day, which meant...I had to speed clean the house and put on my Hostess pants, when all I really wanted to do was put on my comfy pants and get in my bed and wish the world away, but NOOOOOOO.

Next week is the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon for Oldest's school and I have found myself on this committee with a virtually non existent budget.....Thank God for Josh Roger's owner of OB's Bar and Grill...who has graciously agreed once again to supply a Fabulous meal for our Teachers. Monday is Youngest's Field Trip, Friday is Relay for Life, which I am a Team Captain with my friend G, then Saturday Youngest and I are off to H-Town for her first Doctor's appointment with a Pediatric Neurologist. The following weekend we will have to go back to Clear Lake for Oldest to take her test and rig out her boat for Sailing Camp....all the while trying to hold down a job, cleaning the house, doing ALL the laundry for 4, and cooking.

Today is Mother's Day and I got up at 7am with the Dog...let him out to go potty, fed him and started a load of laundry.....McHusband is sleeping in on this special day...I am feeling a bit stabby right now and as soon as he gets out of bed I am going to put myself in timeout...going to hold up in my room-that is if he ever gets out of bed..

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