Friday, February 26, 2010

My brilliant friend "J's" thoughts on Hollywood and other news stories

My friend "J" is one of the most clever, witty, snarky, beautiful women I have ever met....this morning while drinking my coffee....before I woke up Oldest and Youngest for school...she emailed the following. I wanted to share with you.

Here are some things I read about this morning. These SHOULD be headline news, but since it's not "sensational" you probably won't hear much about it. The autopsies are back on Brittney Murphy and Casey Johnson. Turns out they're not little junkies like Dr. Drew was so quick to assume. I don't trust him. His patients never REALLY recover. Britt died because she had anemia from female problems and excessive bleeding. She had a dr. appt. scheduled but DIED first! She also had pnuemonia and the only meds in her system were those prescribed by her dr. for THAT condition. Michael Jackson has given all dead celebrities a bad name! Also, Casey Johnson died from diabetes, which she has suffered from since childhood. Tila Tequila had nothing to do with it Nikki Hilton! So quit blaming! Casey had NO, i repeat NO drugs in her system. Ha!

In other news, two shootings in Jennings. The teen had been robbing houses in Lafayette. The OTHER guy however, hmmmm, thinking he may be related to Jeff Davis killings. Maybe he knew something. Found shot dead in his car. I'll ask Deana.

Also, Boner comitted suicide. Depression sucks. Mike was lucky to have you for a friend!

Lastly, have you noticed all the crimes comitted by OLD people? 60's, 70's? I thought since I'm a grown-up now, all that morally questionable stuff was behind me. WHAT IF i just haven't peaked yet? Did these people just get bored by regular life and say "what the hell?, Why not?" What will happen when our families are grown and we are once again left to our own devices? Will we backslide? All i can say is that we better have grandkids to keep us busy! And a passport.

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