Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Toes

At last SUMMER is officially here!!! Oldest and her bestie started Sailing Camp, sleep away Sailing Camp to be exact...and this is the FIRST for Oldest and Bestie to be in another State, at a camp, and without a family member. This weekend consisted of pedicures, shopping, and lots of swimming at the Yacht Club. I purchased a lil go phone for Oldest to have at Camp...just in case she needed us, she was totally annoyed with me and thought I was being ridiculous.....and she gave me the whole "Mother, I am going to be very busy, we have something scheduled every hour, so please don't get your feelings hurt if I don't call you....I will see you on Friday!" I was left completely speechless for a few minutes...then handed her the phone and said "This is a just in case phone....just in case you need something from Nana or Nicolocity(her aunt)!" I got a major eyerolling...but Bestie, she knew what I needed to hear and she said "We will try really hard to call you and let you know we are okay!" I love that kid!!! Was that so hard?

I feel so blessed that my children are able to experience this life, however it broke my heart to drive away from The Club. Oldest and Bestie will be just, I am not so sure about.

Youngest started Violin Camp today....and they get to bring the instruments home. YIKES!

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