Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We live in the South, yo!!!! You can't leave your DOG in the car while you go shopping at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond.

The girls and I were running some errands after work on Friday and one of our stops was Bed Bath and Beyond. We heard a dog barking from a Volvo parked across from us...with one window cracked about an inch and inside was the cutest lil dog and he was in distress...barking, then putting his nose up to the crack to get some air. I called 911 to report it, of course I have Sprint and their service SUCKS MAJOR ASS..so my phone drops the call, not once but twice. My girls are freaking out, they are worried about the Puppy and also worried about the owner finding out that their mom called the PoPo on them. This is the problem with our society....NO ONE wants to get involved. As I stood there trying to get reconnected with the Police, four separate women walked by...and they asked "Are you calling the Police about that dog? That's just so sad" I asked "How long do you think he has been left alone?" One lady said "Well, since we got here, probably about 5 or 10 minutes." I just looked at them and said "Why didn't you call the police?" and she said "I didn't know what to do." I said "What if it were a child, would you know what to do then? Same thing...call 911!!!!"

I walked into Bed Bath and Beyond with the licence plate number written on my hand. I asked the Customer Service Rep. to please call the owner of the Grey Volvo Suv with the licence plate number to the front of the store. Up walks Young Volvo owner...that I saw at Target...now I am PISSED. I asked her if that was her dog....and she said "Yes, that is my dog, why?"....I then explained to her that it only takes a few minutes with temperatures as high as they are down here for your dog to have a stoke and die....she then said "You need to mind your own business, I have only been in here a few minutes and he is just fine!" I explained to her that I saw her in Target about 15 minutes ago, two ladies that were shopping in Bed Bath and Beyond said he was barking when they went in about 10 minutes ago, and leaving him in the car MADE it my business, I have called the police and if she doesn't bring him home...I will go get him out of the car and she won't like the way I get him out! I told her...I wouldn't leave my kids in the car...and they can get out of the car on their own, he can't!!!!" By this time we have an audience in the Bed Bath and Beyond, and Young Volvo Owner leaves crying......I hope her dog shits in her hair while she is sleeping!!!!!

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  1. LOL remember when Rudy shit in Laurie's hair after a LOOOOOONNNGGGGG night of drinking! LOL and he just didn't get to go outside when he wanted to. I hope puppy pisses in Volvo owner's nose while she is sleeping..... Kinda like waterboarding!

  2. People that stupid should not be pet owners. That's just cruel to drag dogs along on errands on hot days.