Wednesday, June 30, 2010

She Shines so bright...REDUX

I guess when you have a blog and when people read it, it isn't always fun to see yourself in a less than flattering light. I don't make this stuff up people...I just report it. Here is one person's reaction.....

(Parent) (12:37 PM): You were wrong in putting me in your blog, you took what I said and turned it around to make me look bad. The sad part was I had to explain to (Parent's child) why you did that. Really (Snarky Corner) what have I done to you for you to this!!

(Snarky Corner) (12:48 PM): Really? Really (Parent)?....I wrote what happened....the way it happened in MY BLOG. If anyone knows it was's because YOU told them....If (your child) knows, it is because YOU told him. This is my personal BLOG...and as it states on my header
(Snarky Corner) (12:48 PM): A southern snarky mother's perspective of things that happen in her world
(Snarky Corner) (12:50 PM): It is MY PERSPECTIVE..... I don't use ANYONES names. I protect the innocent and guilty alike.
(Snarky Corner) (12:52 PM): You haven't done anything to was my reaction to what you said....while you may not have meant it the way I heard it...that was my reaction at the time.

(Parent) (1:14 PM): Yes I did tell (Friend) and we have talked about this!!!And the reason (Parent's child) knows is because he got on my ipad and seen it casue I had it saved!! And yes this is your blog but you know and I know and everyone else knows I was making a compliment to you about your daughter. You just decided to make it sound the way you wanted it to sound in your ear. (Snarky Corner) you're still messy and always will be, I really feel sorry for you that you think you have to put people down in order for you to be happy. Your still in High School and a very mean person deep down inside. So much for the compliment!!! You just leave me alone and keep me out of your childish blog .

And the hits keep coming.....I decided I am not going to reply to her Instant Message...because honestly all I really want to know is....How much does she love her IPAD....does it make reading my Blog a breeze? Is she Instant Messaging me from it right now? Ohhhh, how I want an IPAD!!! My birthday is in August...I wonder if McHusband would get me one.....

And so it goes...Old issues drug out and dusted off. It's great that we can use quotes from Real Housewives of NYC, but Jill Zarin I am not.....a Fat version of Bethenny, maybe! I'm really not messy, even cleaned out that one last closet in the hall. What I am is happy! I have a great life, great family, and the greatest friends a girl could ever ask for! Mostly I am grateful for a sense of humor that allows me to laugh and make others laugh....mostly...sometimes it gives people a stabby feeling



  1. would Parent's kid know that it was about her unless she told kid regardless of if it was saved to her Ipad or not....or was kid sitting in her lap breastfeeding when she called you and made the comment???

  2. Like I said before....your REAL friends would never have to make such a rediculous comment, cause we see your kids' FABULOUS report cards hanging on your fridge EVERY TIME WE WALK IN YOUR HOUSE!!!!