Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Texas Vacation-the final chapter

Oldest and the Rose started Opti camp Monday morning. Youngest and Lil K explored the grounds of the Yacht Club with my Flip camera....they created a new TV show and I am trying to keep it from PETA. It started with Youngest videoing one of the extremely OBESE squirrels sprawled out in a tree, youngest got a little to close for comfort and the squirrel got squirmy and came out of the tree...which caused Youngest and Lil K to run away screaming and laughing....they decided that their new show would consist of Youngest creeping up on the ducks, birds, lizards, fish of the Yacht Club and SCREAMING. You can understand my concern about PETA's reaction?

My mother has a FABULOUS condo in Seabrook, it's a place that heals the soul and puts you at peace while you are there. My mother has such a sense of style and impeccable taste, however it was severally damaged from Hurricane IKE and it took about a 1 1/2 years to get the entire Building repaired...and up until about 6 months ago my mother lived on her Boat. She decided to get rid of her boat about the time that the condo was ready...which then caused the equivalent of moving two households in to one at the same time. My mother was overwhelmed and just couldn't face the chore of trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Tuesday, I spent the entire day unpacking boxes, organizing bathrooms, the kitchen, and putting everything in it's place. When my mother walked in the door that afternoon, her reaction was priceless.

The rest of the time was spent much like this....

McHusband came and met us for the last part of the trip. McHusband turned 40 on the 17th....I called his favorite place(Hooter's) to arrange a little surprise Birthday dinner with our Texas people on Saturday. When I called to make reservations the Manager asked if I would like to put a message on their marquee. Well hell yeah! Anything to embarrass McHusband. The message "Happy Birthday McHusband..40 is the new 20". Hooter girls are pretty...not such great spellers but pretty. This is what the sign read:

So is 40 the new 20? Or is 40 the NENZO? I googled NENZO..ya'll, it isn't the new 40....but it is varent of is 40 the new Lorenzo Lamas? Just Asking

And this is how our vacation ended......

Oldest's friend said it's a sign....we should have stayed in TEXAS!


  1. HAHA I googled Nenzo too when he texted me the picture. I couldn't figure out what the saying was supposed to mean. Thanks for the clarification! Glad y'all had a good time.

  2. See...I totally thought Nenzo was some wicked cool new word that only Hooter's Girls knew know, like "the bomb" or "off the hook/chain"...maybe we should start using it...we could start a word revolution! THAT would be the NENZO, baby!