Friday, June 25, 2010

My Texas Vacation....part 1

This week I have been playing catch up at work....due to my Vacation last week. I have so much to say about Vacation with my here we go.

Friday, June 11th. Youngest, Lil K(youngest's best friend), and I are headed to Texas to meet Oldest and The Rose(Oldest's best friend) after their week long Sailing Camp.

My vacation starts with a text from my sister that reads:
"Oldest hugged a boy...this is unacceptable!" my reply "Fucking stop it...stop it now!" Apparently in one short week Oldest has decided that not all boys are STUPID! One of these Sailor Boy's even tried to hold her hand on the Boardwalk! What the hell?

Saturday the girls and I drove up to my Dad and Stepmonster's house to do Father's Day with my Dad. Four girls and my Dad.....I thought for sure was a recipe for disaster! I was so wrong....he loved it, he loved them and they loved him. He even turned off Fox News...SHOCKER!!! The girls entertained us with storytelling, singing and was like our own personal Glee.

Sunday my Sister drove down and we gave my dad his Father's Day gift...a BOSE docking station for his IPOD, he was thrilled, surprised, and speechless! We went out to eat at Pappadeaux's then Stepmonster and I took the girls shopping....I even went to the Mall and didn't have a Panic Attack. WOOOHOOOO!!!! We headed back down to the Yacht Club that evening....Oldest and The Rose had Opti camp first thing Monday morning.

More to come soon!

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