Wednesday, December 22, 2010

H F H.....ho f*cking ho!!!!

I totally have the Christmas blues and I can't seem to shake this funk that I am in......I will start by saying that Captain Douche Bag Mchusband has been working some FU-CRAZY jacked up hours and I am starting to feel like a Single Parent...which I totally didn't sign up for!  Also....people are just down right rude during this Holiday Season...What gives?  Why does the Season turn so many in to total ASSHATS?

Sunday the girls went to Lafayette with I planned on doing Christmas Shopping and wrapping all the gifts....which I have yet to buy!

Monday I was at Ross and a lady ran over my foot with her shopping cart....then 3 minutes later another lady ran over the SAME foot with her shopping cart...and before one of you smartasses says something about me laying in the middle of the isle....I wasn't!!!!!! The second lady looked at me..and I was all "Really, you just ran over my foot with your shopping cart....why are you looking at me....did you want to apologize?".....and I swear to you she said "NO"....and walked off.  I did a WhoooSawww...took my items to the front, checked out and went home...waving my white flag! 

It's down to the final hour for me to get my shopping I head to Target yesterday...where I spend about 2hrs doing ALL of my shopping!  Oh, how I heart Target!  Oldest wanted a pair of Toms last year she said these were dreadful shoes when I mentioned she should get some  .....this was on the TOP of her list...and absolute have to have item.....and because I live where I live there is only one place that sells TOMS and it is a trek! I get a phone call from VKB....youngest is running a fever, crying and wanting her mommy...yes me!  Again, WHOOOOOSAWWWWW...deep breathing....I can do this....I can do it all....I'm not going to snap, I'm not going to snap....VKB meets me in Crowely...get the girls and turn around to head back home.......get youngest settled in my bed and start wrapping Christmas......I finally finish about 1:15...and even got to see Captain Douche Bag McHusband.....Oh, yeah...while wrapping gifts...I cooked, did 3 loads of laundry, washed the sheets on Oldest's bed and made the bed for company that will be here TODAY!!!!!  The icing on the Soniccare toothbrush FUCKING I had to brush my teeth like a freaking cavewoman....God is testing me and I am an EPIC FAILURE!!!!!!  Upside is this morning at 5am I got up..opened one of my stocking stuffers and beat the shit out of the air with Billy know it's bad when I resort to working out!!!!! WTF?

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