Thursday, December 9, 2010

Halloween recap....

I totally forgot to share with everyone about Whore O Ween Halloween. October 31st is my friend Cooney's birthday...which to me is just hysterical because Cooney is scared of everything it a spyder, ghost, zombies...whatever, she is a big chicken butt! With that being said...I love her guts! Hot Matt(her man)planned a nice dinner with friends to Lake Charles' finest Mazens....and we had a lovely meal and afterwards Cooney and friends were going out....and she asked McHusband and I to join them. Let me start this by's been like 13years since I've been to a bar. We went to Bourbanz a shithole dive of a bar a very exclusive bar in Lake Charles.....and much to my surprise; almost every woman in that bar was dressed like a WHORE...and I do mean WHORE! Honestly I thought we were at a nudey bar ya'll! Lucky for me Cooney and Julia were there and they are equally as snarky as it was great fun. At one point this girl walked in, in a prison dress...very realistc right..cause they wear dresses in prison, she started doing a lap dance on some poor homely girl that was wearing a sash and tiara that said it was her Birthday......I do have to say that Prison Girl had a smokin hot body and we were ALL enjoying the show she was putting on....I was DD and drinking water(trying to set the stage for you)...When Prison Girl turned around I dropped my water....because she had a face that would scare a grown man in PRISON! If fact I thought she had a mask on...but no it was her did get even better with Prison Girl...she went to the bathroom and returned to the dance floor totally getting her groove on again...with toliet paper on her stripper boot! PRICELESS!!!!!!

I missed the memo on Halloween turning into WHORE O WEEN....and I am a little pissed that no one warned me before we went out! I loved Halloween when it was scary...or even funny...but this WHORE O just time I will be prepared with my camera because it must be recorded for us all to enjoy.

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