Thursday, December 9, 2010

Project Fit...Core Fusion...Boot Camp...OH MY!

Tuesday I did a Core Fusion Class at Project Fit. I wasn’t even really sure I had a core…but Thursday when I tried to get out of bed…I found my core and it was sore…in fact I was quiet sure that McHusband had beat me with a baseball bat while I slept…he denies this of course,so I only have Allie and Project Fit to blame.

I let J talk me into doing this Maintenance Boot Camp for the next 14 freaking weeks! J and Legs came and picked me up at 4:45 AM...yes you heard me correct...I said 4:45 AM and we headed to Project Fit. Little Miss. Poppy Cock was there and her friend The Bunny too...and somehow I managed to wedge myself in between these two fitness junkies! Seriously half way through this I am thinking...WTF have I done...this is NOT more enjoyable than watching my DVR while drinking coffee, snuggled with my blankie in my Big ASS chair! Good new is....I didn't die and I finished....while I may not have been pretty doing it...I did it and finished. I did try and kick The Bunny off her ball...but when she said she would fall and fake an injury...I was all "OH BUT HELL NO!!! will suffer right along with this FAT girl!" I may have told J and Miss. Poppy Cock that I was going to break up with them about 300 times! I secretly loved the class and I am really enjoying this new found energy that I is amazing what happens when you loose a 4th Grader! I had to set a goal for Boot here it is. My Goal for the next 14 weeks is to loose 17lbs. I am working my arse off and I just know I can do it! As Allie says "It's all about the Climb" Of course this is coming from Ms. Project Fit herself...and if she weren't so damn nice...I would hate her guts...but as it stands she is too sweet to hate! Check out her website at

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