Thursday, December 9, 2010

Zumba is not for this White Girl

My enemy friend, Angela calls me Tuesday morning and is all "Hey..Zumba tonight at Spar, want to go" and I'm all "Hey lemme check with McHusband and I will get back to you." Oldest and I went and met Angela for Zumba. I have seen the infomercials and I have watched countless Youtube videos....and I am thinking this will be will be so much fun...NOT! Lets just start with this: NO ONE should ZUMBA without first going to Happy Hour! I have always thought that I could dance...I could totally shake my groove thing with the best of them. I looked like I was having a SEIZURE...not to mention...I forgot the basic fundimentals of LEFT and RIGHT....seriously...ZUMBA made me completely loose my mind. Not to mention I had Oldest there laughing her ass off at me....real boost to the Self Confidence! In the end...I did sweat but not really sure it was because of the workout or the utter humiliation of it all! Zumba should be done in the privacy of your own home with all the doors and drapes shut....not in PUBLIC!!!!

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