Monday, December 27, 2010

Mr. Not so Shiny

When I was talked into this Boot Camp thing by J, Legs, and Poppy; I really had no freaking clue what I was getting myself into....and now I am 4 weeks in and I can't believe it's already been 4 weeks!  I am the complainer...the one always making a face or comment about how bad it sucks and how it is NOT more fun than watching TV, curled up in my Big Ass chair(which is getting bigger and bigger everyday) and drinking wine or coffee or VODKA!  I have to fill my pain with humor, snark and's who I's what I do! It gets me through the pain.....that all these bastards healthy people are putting me through!

Last week J and I did something really smart....we went to Core Fusion on Thursday night(forgetting that we had Boot Camp on Friday morning) and Mr. Not so Shiny John was the Instructor....p.s. J and I were the only ones that showed up(other than Allie and Ms. D) you ask yourself if they went easy on us....I mean it would only be fare since we were ohhhhh so dedicated to not being FAT and FORTY that maybe he would be nice...NOT!  Also...John aka Mr. Not so Shiny is Ahhhhdorable...he has those really sweet eyes and when he smiles his whole face oldest would say...."He has a Face made for a smile!" Well that sweet face is deceptive....and when I left there...he was so not my friend!

Friday morning at 5:15 AM we have Boot Camp..and who else but Mr. Not So Shiny is there to greet us....seriously why am I paying for this?  Oh yeah....I have lost 5.4 lbs in the past 3 wks and another dress size so I guess it's worth all the abuse I endured!  I set a goal for this whole Boot Camp thang...that I would drop 17 pds in 14 weeks....I am 11.4 lbs away from that goal and I just know with the help of Alli and Mr. Not so Shiny...I am totally going to kick my goals ASS!

I have to say as much as I complain and tell J that I hate her and we are breaking up....but I'm so keeping the earrings...I secretly love this whole exercise thing....the feeling I have when I leave....or when I get home...and through out the day...well, it's almost better than Patron........speaking of my lover Patron.....we are on a break!  I did have a glass of wine last night(only to finish the it didn't go bad....I'm going green and trying not to be wasteful) but to tell you the truth....I think I am sort of on the Wagon........I used to love to have drinks...lots and lots of drinks...but now...not so much.  Weird....could it be all these changes that I am putting myself through.......that I have lost that loving feeling for my lover Patron?  Don't get me wrong....I'm not going to meetings or anything like that.....but right now I am so focused on not being FAT and FORTY....that I can't be bothered with the drinks......McHusband is tickled shitless...cause now I'm his he can drink like a fish swims and know that he will be safe and sound with Sober Suzy as his driver! 

I can't tell you enough how much I like Alli.... I really want to not like her, John and the rest of her staff when they are making me do things I didn't think my body could do...or when I can't sit on the toliet or when I can't bend down because I am so sore.....but to be honest there is no other place I would rather become a healthier person at...they aren't judgy least not to my face....they may laugh their asses off when I leave....but at least they wait till I am gone..... and that's just nice, Ya'll!

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