Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Buttah is in the hooooouuuussssee!!!

Some of y'all know me, and some of y'all don't. So let me give ya a little run down! My name is Buttah. Snarky Corner and I have been friends for 11 years now. Her Oldest was only 11 months old when we met, so I have had the priviledge of watching her Lovelies grow up! Snarky is my BESTIE!!! She has been there for me through thick and thin! How did we meet you ask? We were working out at Curves here in town, and we always went in at the same time. First time I laid eyes on her I thought, "She looks like a total bitch." And funny thing, she thought the same exact thing about me!! Well, one day we happened to fall into a conversation and learned that we had a ton in common. So we started walking at the Civic Center after our workouts and we have been friends ever since! Snarky is such an important part of my life, she was also my birthing coach since Beer Man, my husband, was of no help since he passed out when I told him my water broke and had a major panic attack until C-man, our sweet little boy was out. Snarky was there for me, 4th degree episiotomy and all!! She truly knows me inside and out, pun intended!! Don't get me wrong, it hasn't always been peaches and cream...we have had our ups and downs, but we are each other's sticky booger....ain't no shaking either one of us off! I couldn't imagine my life without her!

So now that you know a little more about me then some care to, on to my thought for the day.....Be positive!! I know that we all have hard times in our lives, whether they be emotional, financial, medical, whatever, that we get down and out. That we can be Negative Nancies. But you know what? Not only are we down, but we can also bring others around us down. And I know that some of these situations can be pretty bad, and it might be hard to find something positive to come from this negative situation, but dammit y'all, the only way to get out of that funk is to be positive!! If everyone that was told they had cancer just rolled over and gave up, then we wouldn't have the joy of celebrating great things like Breast Cancer Survivor walks, or any other cancer survivors for that matter, cause there would be none!! We would all be depressed and the world would be nothing more than an ugly shade of gray!! Gray is a nice color, but come on now....who wants to look at that 24/7?? If I lost my job today, I wouldn't be dependent on the damn government for unemployment wages, I would go be a greeter at the Wal-Mart until I found something that suited me better, "Welcome to fucking Wal-Mart! Get your shit and get out!" See, I would totally be good at it!! But do you get my drift? Take something bad and make it better!! You know, the whole lemons and lemonade saying!! And add a little sugar and vodka to that....and it's a party y'all!! I have a friend that has a saying at the end of every email he sends....Think positive and life will become positive!

So yesterday, Snarky texts me about someone in her life that is totally bringing her down with all of their Negative Nancy-ness. And I know this person, so I could totally understand where her concern was coming from. My response was this, " you know, if negative people spent as much time being positive as they do being negative, they would attract way more positiveness and would discover bliss!" I know, pure genius right?? But it's the truth!! One can only take so much negativity for so long before it starts to affect them and their relationship with the negative person!! You can feel their nasty aura coming a mile away! So much, that it makes us twitchy just to hear their voice!! My whole point to all this....stop being so damn negative, or we are gonna start shipping y'all to a deserted island and y'all can all be miserable asshats together!! I'm just kidding of course, but those of us that try to find something good in our day, something to smile about, some good in our heart to spread to someone else.....want all of you negative folks to think twice about what you say, and do. Because your shitty mood....affects everyone around you, and the way they in turn think about you, and treat you. Besides, you could always have it worse than you do.

Be thankful and appreciative for what you do have and the people that love you! Be positive! Life can only get better! There is always tomorrow to look forward to. I'm about to break out in song y'all....."The sun'll come out...tomorrow!!" I do that sometimes...sorry! Snarky has learned to hear my beyouteeful singing voice all the way down Ryan Street!! I will stop rambling now....your regularly scheduled programming will resume in 3....2....

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