Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2010 or 1910

So you know how I brought Youngest to do bloodwork Monday morning? Well, the freaking bloodwork is still not back from the question is... did they bring it by horse and buggy? I mean seriously CSI can solve a crime in an hour episode....and I can't get freaking bloodwork back in the same week????? I am so aggrevated with this shithole town I live in. These doctors here wonder why everyone leaves and goes to Houston to seek treatment....WAKE up!!! It's because you could die waiting for treatment or answers in this shithole town!!!!!!! I really thought that 2010 was going to be a Doctor free year for Youngest...last year liked to have sucked everything out of this and it's only February. I have called Texas Children's Blue Bird Clinic of Pediatric Neurlogy and they are requesting Youngest information from Dr. S and as soon as they get all of her records they will call and set up an appointment to have Youngest assessed. After the experience at Women and Children with Dr. Allen Wilson aka Dr. Asshole....which turned out to be a week long hospital stay at Memorial Hospital for a bacterial infection in her blood because no one wanted to be proactive with care in this town. Well I am moving west with Youngest's treatment.....Everything is Bigger and Better in TEXAS.

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