Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snotty Mess

As if loosing my Grandmother wasn't enough....we get hit with the stomach bug, sinus infections and a nasty head cold that I am quite sure will turn into Strep/Ear Infection....My house sounds much like Darth Vader has moved in....between Youngest, Oldest and myself. We, alone have saved Kleenex from going out of business. Oldest has been snotty since before Christmas and has been on antibiotics twice..sinus infection.....still snotty. Youngest went to the Doctor week before last because she was running a lil fever and a hot snotty mess......UGGHHHH and on top of all the snot....youngest threw her lil guts up Thursday night and never moved from her chair Friday...except to attempt to throw her guts up some was very sad. I started feeling bad Sunday night....and now I have a full blown Head O Snot!

So McHusband brings the girls to the Doctor yesterday and Oldest has....wait for it.....another sinus infection. McHusband asked Dr. Cocky if he could refer the girls to an ENT because this snot and constant congestion and nose bleeing has been going on forever...and we have done the Clariton/Zrtec thing and nothing seems to clear it up....Dr. Cocky then precedes to tell McHusband that it is the crud(Medical term?) and everyone has it.....but seriously I have a head cold and the "crud" but my girls have sounded like DARTH VADER for THREE months.......I am so aggrevated with Dr. Cocky......with Youngest's issues that we had with the Bacterial Infection in her blood...... that he totally missed and who knows how long that would have gone on if I weren't such a "Shit Ass" and McCousin's wife wasn't telling me what Dr. Cocky should be doing!!! Dr. Cocky has no idea that I am about to break up with him.....or at least cheat on he did to his first wife. See how he likes the taste of that medicine.

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