Sunday, February 21, 2010

The ache

Tomorrow it will be seven days since my Grandma died. I didn't think that I wouldn't be able to breathe, cry uncontrollably, have this achy feeling that won't go away. I never thought this day would come....I thought that she would live forever, I took her for granted and now I sit here wondering what we are going to do without her. Will our family stay close, will we still come together for Thanksgiving, for Christmas? Will those that live out of town ever come back now that she is gone? My grandparents were the glue that held all of us they are gone....what will happen to us now? Since Monday my whole family was here, spread out between Aunt Connie and my house was a wreck....and it took me two days to clean and do laundry....but I wouldn't have traded it for the world and as I sit here in total silence, I worry that was the last time.

Fat Tuesday my family gathered at Que Pasa for lunch...and margarita's.....I wrote and shared the following:

All of my life Edith Broussard was the one person I could always count on not the years went by and we all grew up, we all changed but Edith remained the same. 3530 Lisa Lane is the house that she made a safe refuge for anyone that needed it, a place to kick your shoes off, a place where when you walked into the garage you could smell the most amazing smells coming from the kitchen, a place where the back door was always unlocked. Edith was the life of the party......her life was full of the most amazing friends. Edith threw the kind of parties that you would never know the kind of parties that started with awesome food, drinks and ended with a Bouree game....I can remember several parties with her sitting on the kitchen floor with her sisters and friends because she wasn't going to leave that kitchen....she was as I like to say the "Hostess with the mostess".

The way I have described Edtih and Kirby is....That they were the one Constant thing in all of our matter what we were going through in our lives, We could drive down Lisa Lane and everything was just as we left it. Edith would welcome anyone into that house and by the time you left you thought you were part of the family.....she may not have taken in stray animals but she did take in stray people. I am not sure how she did it...but she could simply cook your troubles away....Edith may not have been that warm and fuzzy Grandma but she loved with her whole self and never pretended to be perfect.....She had no filter and would say anything....even if it might hurt your feelings.....but in the end you knew that she loved you. I have to say when I was little I never really said that I wanted to be just like my Grandma but as it turns out she is exactly who I want to be when I grow up.

I thank her for the Family that she has given me....and I promise to always cherish them with my whole heart.

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  1. Yesterday was sad for me, too. We will still see each other...or at least I will continue to stalk you on your blog ;)
    Love, Jenny