Tuesday, February 16, 2010


My fondest memories of PawPaw and Grandma has to be the memory of them always being constant, never changing. PawPaw could always rock my problems away as a child and Grandma could always cook them away. I looked so forward to our trips as a child to Lake Charles and I remember crying until I fell asleep on my way back to Houston. 3530 Lisa Lane was my safe place, a place where I knew I was loved and I knew it would always be just as I left it. Grandma and PawPaw were always my constant, no matter what, they were just the way I left them. Welcoming all of us with open arms and big sugars. As an adult, when Lance and I were looking for a new house I wanted a house that was like Grandma and PawPaw's. I wanted to be close to Grandma and PawPaw because Grandma was teaching me how to cook, be a good mother and wife. I wanted a house that everyone felt like they could walk though the back door without knocking, I wanted a house where everyone felt like they could just stop by without calling and a place where everyone felt at home. I found that in my house. I strive to make my home mean to others what 3530 Lisa Lane meant to me. I know it is just an address, just a house. It is just the people in the house that count, but that house, those people made the childhood memories that I hope I can pass to my children, a safe refuge, a magical place they can call home. I thank you Grandma and PawPaw for always having an open door for anyone that needed it, for all of us that needed a place to lay our heads or a shoulder to cry on or a fabulous meal to eat or just a place to kick your shoes off and sit.

Grandma....while you have finally made it home and are at Peace with PawPaw....know that I valued each and every moment we shared...even when you were calling me a Shit Ass.

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