Friday, February 5, 2010

Is She Allergic to me?

I would like to start this post by saying....I LOVE LOVE LOVE my girls!!! My husband and girls are my proudest accomplishment-hands down. My oldest daughter is a gorgeous, smart, funny, friendly, loving...etc.girl....However.....she is such a SMART A**!!!!! I know what you are thinking...."The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!" Oldest is so much like me that it completely freaks me out......when she was in first grade I was up at the school being Super Room Mom and her teacher's just went on and on and on about how sweet, polite and smart she was.....I was sooooo proud of her. On our way home I was telling Oldest how proud I was of her and as we got out of the car and walking in the house I asked her "Why she didn't act like that at home." Oldest then says "Maybe I am allergic to you!".........which leads me to today. Nothing has changed. Oldest is a banner role helper(discipline office????), Beta Club member, etc. Oldest is the girl that will call you out if you are rude and is not afraid to stand up to the scariest "Out of Zone" girl in PE if she is being mean to another student........yet at home if I ask her to do something for me I get eye rolls, deep breaths, stompy feet and constant back talk........I am really starting to think that she is allergic to me in deed......

Allergic or not....I wouldn't trade her smart a** for anything in the world.....because I know she will NOT be a follower, she will always stand up for herself and for the little matter who she will piss off....That makes up for all her back talking stomping down the hall slamming her bedroom door not cleaning her closet self!!!!!!

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